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    3. Json Web Token (+SSO)
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Declaree offers a wide range of authentication methods, each with their own characteristics:

API key

You may access all API webservices using a personal api key which is available on your user profile page. Whenever an api key is (re)generated all clients using the old api key will no longer be able to authenticate.

The api key may be used as token query parameter as such: or otherwise as token header parameter.

Form login

Request an authorization token using form based login (username+password) by posting

{ "username": "", "password": "myUn1qU3pw" }
to /api/login to receive a authorization token through the response headers.

Basic authentication (DEPRICATED)

You may access all API webservices using your username and password. Since all webservice traffic is SSL encrypted, this authentication method is considered fairly save. Please keep in mind not to store username and password combinations unencrypted on your application or client devices or in cache.

Json Web Token (+SSO)

Internal use only


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